Ticket Policy


Zhongyuan Fu Tower Ticket Policy


I. Regular price tickets


1、Adult ticket:Listing price 120 Yuan/ticket,Preferential price 98 Yuan/ticket

(must be purchased with an ID card, driver's license, or other valid documents, tickets are valid up to December 31, 2023)


2、Advance tickets:Listing price 120 Yuan/ticket,Preferential price 98 Yuan/ticket


3、Student tickets: Listing price 120 Yuan/ticket,Preferential price 58 Yuan/ticket

(minors under 18 years old, Full-time college and university students, must have their student ID cards and ID cards)


II. Discount Tickets


1、Teacher’s ticket: Listing price 60 Yuan/ticket,Preferential price 49 Yuan/ticket

(must hold a teacher’s license)


2、Retired cadres accompanying tickets: Listing price 60 Yuan/ticket,Preferential price 49 Yuan/ticket

must hold the “People’s Republic of China old cadres honor card” or “Chinese People’s Liberation Army retired cadres honor card” and ID card to purchase, one card is limited to one.


3、Retired Soldier Ticket:Listing price 60 Yuan/ticket,Preferential price 49 Yuan/ticket,Military famillies, ex-servicemen, and other preferential treatment personnel (survivors of martyrs, servicemen died on duty or of illiness) in Heman Province could purchase with the " China Ex servicemen Preferential Treatment Card" and ID card or other relevant documents. One card is limited to one ticket.

三、免费票 0元

III. Free tickets


Important Tips


To protect the health of the majority of tourists and tourism safety, considering the actual situation of the Zhongyuan Fu Tower scenic area, specially implemented online real-name reservation to visit the tower for ticket-free groups.

Free ticket group reservation channel: wechat mini program search "中原福塔景区"; Alipay search "中原福塔", can make an appointment.







    1、The number of tickets available from Monday to Friday is limited to 500 per day, and the number of tickets available on weekends and legal holidays is limited to 300 per day.

    2、 The maximum limit of green channel for offline reservation for senior citizens over 60 years old ticket-free group: 50 people/day. Handled by Zhongyuan Fu Tower Visitor Service Center.

    3、Due to the rainy and snowy weather, the sightline of the high altitude sightseeing may be affected.

    4、Tickets need to be booked at least one day in advance; it can be booked at  Zhongyuan Fu Tower e-ticket program.

    5、All reservation visitors must bring their ID cards and valid free ticket documents to visit the tower.

    6、The free ticket that is reserved is only for visiting Zhongyuan Fu Tower, the Cloud Walk project, catering, and other items are paid separately.


People who are eligible for free tickets


(Note: The free ticket policy is only for the entrance fee to visit the scenic spot of Fu Tower, the project of walking in the clouds is not included.)






    6、记者证 (须持有国家新闻出版广电总局统一颁发的记者证)    

    7、导游证 (须持有国家旅游局颁发的导游证)






1、 Child under 1.4 meters (inclusive) (one person is limited to one free child)

    2、Age 60 years old (inclusive) or above  

    3、Revolutionary disabled soldiers (must hold the “People’s Republic of China Disabled Soldiers Card”);Veterans over 60 years old.

    4、Retired cadres (must hold the “Honorary Certificate of Old Cadres of the People’s Republic of China” or “Honorary Certificate of Retired Cadres of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army”)

    5、 National model worker (must hold the CPC Central Committee, the State Council awarded the “National Model Worker” card)

    6、 Press card (must hold the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television unified press card issued)    

    7、 Tour guide card (must hold a tour guide card issued by the National Tourism Administration)

    8、 People with disabilities (visually, mentally and physically disabled persons of the first and second degree, exempt 1 escort)

    9、 China police (must hold the “China Police Card” issued by the Public Security Bureau of the People’s Republic of China)

    10、 Active military personnel (must hold the Central Military Commission of the People’s Republic of China issued by the “Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Armed Police Officers Card” or “Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Armed Police non-commissioned officers card”Or People's Liberation Army Soldier Card);Retired soldiers in Zhengzhou: (Must hold the "China Retired Soldier Preferential Treatment Card", "China Martyrs, Soldiers Sacrificed on Duty, and Survivors of Sick Soldiers Preferential Treatment Card" )

    11、 Fire rescue personnel (shall be issued internationally to prove the identity of a valid document)



【Ticket Policy of Zhongyuan Fu Tower】


Zhongyuan Fu Tower Walk in the Clouds Ticket Price List






I. Ticket policy

     1、Walking in the Clouds package: tickets for Fu Tower + walking in the clouds + Cloud Slide + viewing platform Preferential price 188 Yuan/ticket.

     2、Student package: tickets to the Fu Tower + Walking in the Clouds + Cloud Slide + viewing platform Preferential price 158 Yuan/ticket.

     3、Free ticket: children under 1.4 meters in height (one person can only bring 1 free child).

     4、Tickets can only be used on the day of the experience, and the items included can only be experienced once.








II. Instructions for purchasing tickets

     1, The old, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant, drunk, infants and children and other physical discomforts, prohibited experience; if there is refusal to disclose any of the above then the responsibility for accidents will be their own; tickets are not refundable.

     2、It is prohibited to bring inflammable and explosive items and other items clearly prohibited by high-speed rail and airplane, please cooperate with the security check.

     3、Viewing platform project: children under 1.4 meters in height and healthy elderly people over 65 years old must be accompanied by a healthy adult to experience.

     4、Walking in the Clouds inner ring: children under 1.4 meters tall and healthy elderly people over 60 years old must be accompanied by a healthy adult to experience.

     5、Walking in the Clouds outer ring project: children under 1.4 meters in height and elderly people over 60 years old are not allowed to experience.

     6、Cloud Slide project: children under 1.4 meters in height and elderly people over 60 years old are not allowed to experience.








III. Equipment stops running in the following cases

     1、 Lightning, fog and rain, ice, snow, frost, and other inclement weather.

     2、 Sustained wind up to level 7.

     3、Natural disasters.

     4、When the equipment cannot operate normally.

     5、Without training or authorization from the supervisor for equipment operation and maintenance.

     6、If the weather department forecasts temperatures above 35 degrees or below -5 degrees then there needs to ensure staff and visitors protection from heat or warm measures.


(Please read the above instructions carefully, thank you for your cooperation and have a nice tour!)

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